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Welcome to the Into The Limelight Performance Arts Education program! Discover our many workshops, residencies, and stage programs. Designed to fit the ability levels of K-12 students, our professional learning standards are the perfect addition to any program. Our goal is to equip all students with a diverse appreciation of the performing arts all while building confidence, teamwork, and creativity. 


Together lets inspire young creatives to find the spark within themselves and go on to share it with the world!

First Reading
Structured Dance Classes


This program is a great introduction to musical theatre for students of all ages. We will explore basic theatre concepts including movement, voice, and improvisation. Students will discover how live storytelling can better relay a message and create a long lasting impact on an audience. Choose between 1-5 days for your school's workshop.


This is a in depth program designed to function as your organization's drama class. Students will be led through character development, ensemble building, improvisation, scene study, audition technique, and more, in these ensemble style lessons. Choose between 1-2 semesters for your school's residency. 


Stage is a comprehensive semester-long program ending in a full-scale production. From auditions to shows, students will be led through the entire process of putting on a performance. Together we will collaborate to bring the best possible event to your program. Choose between school or after-school hours.

Scene Study

This class is the foundation of every actor's training. We will discover character development, story telling, and performance. We also instruct students how to break down a script and understand clear plot points and emotional beats.


Kids learn how to convincingly play a role through physical embodiment. We explore how the character moves, talks, thinks, and interacts with their environment. We will also venture into the world of movement and dance and how these can help better convey a story.

Script Writing

We will guide students through the process of telling a story through a script. We will teach how to apply a great story line from conflict to resolution, accompanied by deep character development and sensory description.

Music Theory

These classes will explore melody, rhythm, harmony, form, pitch, and scales. We will teach the theoretical framework to understand and then apply musical concepts to your own music as well as others.



Lots of fun is to be had when improvising characters and story lines. We will learn how to trust the theatrical process as well as their fellow performers, and make sure they are well prepared for every situation possible. 


Classical Study

The magic of classical plays and poetry have truly transcended time. Young actors will identify with the love and angst so well portrayed in historical literacy. We will explore many different titles including those you study in english class!

Contact our Education Director at to bring one of our education programs to your school.

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