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When performance time rolls around, and the box office opens, friends and families will be able to purchase tickets in a couple of ways, depending on your student's program. Kids programs do not charge admission. Instead we email 3 tickets per student to parents or guardians, if you require more than this please email after you have received your allotted tickets. Youth programs do charge admission, however parents/guardians will be emailed a priority link before the general public. We want everyone to be able to attend their performer’s show, but please note capacity is limited.

Rehearsal attendance is vital when putting on a group performance. Every cast member is expected to attend all rehearsals. Depending on a program's length, a director may excuse an absence. However no refunds or prorated tuition will be granted.

All students under 10years old must be signed in and out each day by a recognized guardian. Into The Limelight will not release students until they have been signed out. Parents/guardians and emergency contacts listed in your registration are recognized guardians, if you would like to add someone to this list please fill out the authorized signer form. 


All students 11 years old and older may sign themselves in and out. To do this parents or guardians must sign the Student Release Form and return it before this permission is granted. Forms may be returned in-person to your child’s teacher, or emailed to

Students 14 years old and older are given the opportunity to take their hour lunch break off of Into The Limelight premises. A parent or guardian must sign the Off-Premise Break Form and return it before a student is granted permission to leave. Forms may be returned in-person to your child’s teacher, or emailed to

Auditioning can be a stressful time for students, so it is important that family and friends be supportive through the whole process. Casting is based on how well the director believes each child out of the group would fit each role. Into The Limelight practices inclusive casting and promises casting will be the sole reflection of students skills. If anyone should have any questions regarding casting we ask that you send your questions to our education director, not your class teachers. Just like you, we want to see your kid flourish and succeed, but please remember no matter what level your student is at, casting in one show will never be the be all end all of their career. Every professional has poor auditions, or doesn’t get the part they want sometimes.

In almost every Into The Limelight Stage production students wear costumes. These may come in many different forms from studio blacks to fancy rentals, and are based on the program’s level and the director’s discretion. Occasionally directors may ask students to bring in clothes of a certain color or that represent a certain style. Lots of students also enjoy bringing in dress up wear and props. When students bring in costume pieces please ensure their last name is written on each individual item, and carried in a separate sealable bag. Please note that by bringing in clothing beyond what just your student will wear, and any props, you are prepared to have your items shared with the cast.

Off-book day means all students must have their lines fully memorized, and will no longer be able to carry their scripts with them during rehearsal. To help prepare your child you could lend an ear for 15 minutes each night while they recite lines or practice a dance or song. Please remember to always encourage your students and support their work!

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