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Into The Limelight knows that no two students are the same, that's why we cater lessons to each young artist to help them develop their own individual voice, build confidence in all their skills, and find what makes them unique!


If you would like to register for coaching, or have any questions regarding our programs please contact our Education Director at



Into The Limelight coaches teach aspiring vocalists everything from basics like breathing, diction, and staying in-key, to advanced techniques like timbre, tempo, and intonation. No matter the level of experience, our expert coaches will help students develop healthy singing habits, unique repertoire, and theory comprehension, to support a long successful vocal career.


Our dedicated coaches will work with students to develop healthy warmups and daily practices to hone and maintain acting techniques. Coaches will select a collection of monologues, sides, short scenes and more personalized specifically for each student to practice their skills and grow as an artist.



Whether it's your very first or millionth time auditioning, the casting process is full of uncertainty and nerves. A one-on-one session with a coach will give you that extra boost of confidence you need to go on and give your best performance. During a session your coach will prepare you with the perfect monologue, sides, song, or dance. We will help you make the bold choices needed to stand out in the audition room.


If you are ready to take your training and career to the next level, then professional career coaching is the right fit for you. Our working coaches will regularly assess your skills and determine the perfect training and opportunities through their in-depth knowledge of both the industry and the student.


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