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Into The Limelight offers dedicated performers an elite competitive team that competes around the country, engage in charity events, and offers pre-professional performance opportunities all season. This program is an amazing experience for students and family and an incredible way to prepare your performer for a successful career.







Into The Limelight Competition Team is divided by ability NOT age, any performer no matter age or background is invited to audition for the team. This allows each student to continuously grow and develop their skills without the barrier of their age, and aditionaly expposes performers to a workspace with a diverse student body. Level 1 is designed for students with less performance experience, and works best in collaborative group settings. Level 1 offers the opportunity to compete large group, small group, and trios. Level 2 is for the more advanced student, who demonstrates skill in all aspects (acting, singing, and dance), as well as  independent learning and stage presence. Level 2 adds the additional opportunity to compete duos and solos.

Into The Limelight competes in 4 competitions a year between January and June. Three of which are national competitions, and one being the Into The Limelight in house competition (our scholarship comp!). The 24/25 season offers many travel destinations, more information will be available soon. Competitions regularly take up a whole weekend (sometimes more), it is expected that team members are available Fri-Sun for every competition weekend they are performing in. Throughout the year the team participates in a number of charity and community events as well, this allows Into The Limelight students to give back and gain a thorough appreciation for our inherent privilege to be able to sing and dance all the time. Level 2 team members are also offered additional solo performance opportunities.

All competition team members are required to participate in 10 hours of training at our studio per week. There will be additional choreography sessions for all competition numbers. Into The Limelight’s team workout class counts for 1hr and is required by all team members. Other hours can be made up by any combination of stage programs, conditioning, and private classes. 


After your performers' May/June audition, if selected students must enroll in our summer Audition Intensive, this prepares students for school year expectations. It is also recommended that performers participate in one of our many stage programs to keep up their training throughout the summer.

Choreography sessions will start in October and run weekly until competitions start. Large and small group choreography will be in 1-1.5 hr sessions with the first 10 mins dedicated to warming up. Solos, duos, and trio choreography will be in 45 min sessions and students should come to class already warmed up. Time slots for choreography will be assigned following the first parent/coach meeting. Once session times are set changes cannot be made. If you are unable to rehearse at your scheduled time, please try your best to give the office and your fellow performers 24hrs notice if possible. If you miss more than 3 sessions you must schedule a make-up session at our private lesson rate.

Monthly Tuition 

Choreography Fees

Competition Fees


Please come back later for a complete list of all 2024/25 season costs.

Competition Apparel 

Travel Expenses


Team Auditions


Auditions for the 2024-2025 Competition Team will be conducted in May 2024.


Please check back here later for more details.



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